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iPaq Repair Parts & Service

HP iPaq 310 Travel Series
HP iPaq 210 Enterprise Series
HP iPaq 110 Classic Series
iPaq rx5700 & rx5900 Series
iPaq rx4200 & iPaq rx4500 Series
iPaq hw6500 Series
iPaq hw6900 Series
iPaq hx2000 Series
iPaq rx1950 Series
iPaq h6300 Series
iPaq 5100, 5400 & 5500 Series
iPaq hx4700 Series
iPaq rx3100, 3400 & 3700 Series
iPaq h4300 Series
iPaq h4100 Series
iPaq rz1700 Series
iPaq h2200 Series
iPaq h3900 Series
iPaq h3800 Series
iPaq h1900 Series
iPaq h3700 Series
iPaq h3600 Series
iPaq h3100 Series

iPhone Repair Parts

2G iPhone
3G iPhone
3GS iPhone

iPod Touch Repair Parts

1st Generation iPod Touch
2nd Generation iPod Touch

iPod Nano Repair Parts
1st Generation iPod Nano
2nd Generation iPod Nano
3rd Generation iPod Nano
4th Generation iPod Nano

iPod Mini Repair Parts

1st & 2nd Generation iPod Mini

iPod Repair Parts
1st Generation iPod
2nd Generation iPod
3rd Generation iPod
4th Generation iPod
iPod Color
iPod Video
iPod Classic

Free iPaq diagnostic work order

Do you have a broken iPaq, but not quite sure what’s wrong with it? Create a work order and send in your device for a FREE diagnostic test. If the repair ends up costing more than you want to spend, you only owe us for return shipping.

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iPaqRepair.com specializes in repairs, upgrade parts and servicing for a wide range of iPaq models. Do you need to fix your iPaq? Select the iPaq part you need or select iPaq repair service for any part for an additional fee. We have been in the iPaq repair business for eight years, so you can rest assured that your iPaq will be in good hands.

iPaq HP 310 Travel
HP 310 Travel Series

iPaq HP 210 Enterprise
HP 210 Enterprise Series
HP 110 Classic
HP 110 Classic Series
ipaq rx5700 and ipaq rx5900
rx5700 & rx5900 Series
iPaq rx4200 & iPaq rx4500
rx4200 & rx4500 Series

iPaq hw6500
hw6500 Series
iPaq hw6900
hw6900 Series
ipaq hx2000
hx2000 Series
iPaq rx1950
rx1950 Series

iPaq h6300
h6300 Series
iPaq 5100, iPaq 5400, iPaq 5500
5100, 5400, 5500 Series
iPaq hx4700
hx4700 Series
iPaq rx3100, iPaq rx3400, iPaq rx3700
rx3100, rx3400, rx3700 Series

iPaq h4300
h4300 Series
iPaq h4100
h4100 Series
iPaq rz1700
rz1700 Series
iPaq h2200
h2200 Series

iPaq h3900
h3900 Series
iPaq h3800
h3800 Series
iPaq h1900
h1900 Series
iPaq h3700
h3700 Series

iPaq 3600
h3600 Series
iPaq 3100
h3100 Series

Latest News

iPaq 6500 Series Repair Video Online

Have you always wanted to take apart your iPaq to see what makes it tick? Or, is your iPaq on the fritz and you have the confidence that you can repair it yourself with a little guidance? Well, for those iPaq 6500 series owners, we have just thing to help you. Our parent company, PDA Smart, has recently placed an iPaq 6500 series disassembly video online at youtube.com. We invite you to check it and use it as a reference to disassemble your iPaq 6500. Please remember that opening your device may void or limit your manufacturer warranty.

iPod and iphone Repair Services

If you are new to iPaqRepair.com, you probably haven't noticed that we have had a dramatic facelift. Take our site for a test drive. We're sure you won't be disappointed. We've given our site a cleaner look with an easy to follow menu as well as a streamlined checkout. Do you own an iPod? We invite you to visit our other sites where we offer quality iPod parts and iPod repair services. If you are looking for an easy shopping experience with great customer service, visit any of our three sites: www.ipaqrepair.com, www.ipodrepair.com and www.ipodparts.com.